2020 Covid 19 Mini Series

We are pleased to announce the resumption of sailing in the form of our 2020 mini series.

Participation in the series is subject to carefull adherence to the RYA guidelines. Series Plan and the requirments of the risk assesment linked below.

Please take time to review all the documents identified below before completing your entry form and making the required declarations

Any substituion of crew requires that a the new crew is fully aware of the requirments stated in these documents. A sustitute crew form must be submitted in order to allow any necessary track and trace communication.

The 2020 Mini series will run from 12/09/20 to 31/1020.

Entry Closes 31/08/20

Documents and Links:


Please Review The General Guidance for Covid 19


Please Review The Current Covid 19 Risk Assesment


Please Review The Current Series Plan


Please Review The RYA Racing Risk Statement


Please Review The Current RYA Guidelines for Sailing Together from Mixed Households


Please Complete and Submit the Entry and Declarations Form   (Entry now Closed 31/08/20)


Substitute Crew Member Form


Briefings and updates will be publishied on the Looe Sailing Club Members Facebook Page


Entry List