Departure Process

The plan of action:

  1. Prepare your boat as fully as possible for collection (undercover on, sails etc. stowed)
  2. When your boat is suitably prepared, you can drive to the trailer park to collect your trailer
  3. Depending on traffic at the time we will assist with boats being exited down the quayside .
  4. Boats and trailers can be returned to the farm trailer park for overnight storage if required. this will make life easier for you in the morning

As per arrival we need to avioid empty trailers being towed through the main street whilst pedestrians are around , usually 10am to 5pm.

Empty trailers must not be towed through the street 10am to 5pm

Please take care towing through the street and if possible have a colleague walk behid the trailer to stop people stepping across the trailer.

We also need to minimise the number of loaded trailers passing through the street at peak times (10am to 5pm). If the lights fail (as they usually do) you will end up with a nose to nose with a confused tourist vehicle or delivery van, which can be a nightmare so please work with us to follow the action plan, taking boats out over the quay with the help of our marshals.

Thanks for visiting Looe SC, it has been a great week !!!!