Championship Arrival Info and Process

Before your journey please complete the contact info form to help us coordinate your arrival

Due to high volumes of pedestrians in the town you will not be allowed direct access to the Boat / Dinghy Park, please go to the arrivals holding area, where you can drop your boats.

  • Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday10:00am to Saturday 5:00pm: Looe Community Accademy PL13 1NQ (see route videos below)
  • If you arrive at the Holding area and no one is around please make sure you do not block access to the residents bungalow or the front of the large trailer when you park.

We will coordinate your transfer to the dinghy park, either after 5pm or before 10am each day.

If you arrive late i.e. after 7pm or early, before 9.30am then you may drop your boat off at the dinghy park.

Please do not take your road trailer into the dinghy park. Move your Trailer to the Trailer storage area (PL13 2JS see below route video).

We will allocate your berth and Tally number in the morning. You can access the Sea front via the route between the RNLI station building and the River. The Middle Bollard will lift. Please return it immediately.

Please take due care when pulling the empty trailer back through town. Pedestrians will not be aware you are towing and are prone to stepping behind the cars as they pass.

Arrivals Route Videos

  • Arriving from the East (via Devon & Tamar Bridge then B3253 to Looe) Go straight to Holding Area. Route Video
  • Arriving from the West of Looe (A387 passing through Pelynt) Go straight to Holding Area. Route Video
  • Moving from the Holding Areas to the Boat / Dinghy Park. Route Video
  • Boat / Dinghy Park to trailer storage area PL13 2JS (Note: Do not enter Oaklands Park continue on to West Waylands on the left, they share the same postcode). Route Video

Looe is a busy holiday resort during the summer and when you arrive for your championship you will have probably just completed a long tiring journey.

We aim to make your arrival and registration as smooth as possible whilst ensuring we meet our obligation to keep everybody safe and traffic flowing, so please follow our teams guidance.

Normal 4×4’s and double dinghy trailers can navigate the streets with care but anything larger will need special support and guidance.

Contact us if you have a large towing vehicle (Large camper van etc.) or trailer:

Due to the volume of traffic and limited space we need to have you berthed and your car and trailer away within 15 minutes in order to avoid penalties.

Please follow our team’s instructions for parking your vehicle whilst your boat is unloaded.

You will immediately receive a berth number, which will be tagged, on your trolley handle and trailer. Note: Berth/Tally numbers are allocated on arrival these are not an entry number.

As soon as is possible move your boat and sailing equipment to your berth. A member of the reception team will help you find it. Note: Strictly no vehicles or road trailers are permitted in the dinghy park, only launching trolleys.

Immediately you are berthed, please return to the arrival point to transfer you trailer to the trailer park and move your car away.

The reception team will provide you with directions to the trailer park please follow the Route Video.

Once your trailer and car have been safely parked up then you can make your way back to the dinghy park to socialise, commence boat scrutinising (where applicable).

You register at the RNLI station in the crew room (Just opposite the beachmasters office). Please ensure your trailer etc. have been cleared out of town before registering.