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Current Points Table 2022 

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Fishermans Cup 2022 

Fishermans Cup Scoring

The Fishermans cup is competed for by all fleets.

  • A high scoring system is applied so highest number wins
  • Score is rleavtive to the number of boats that start a race in each fleet
    • If 5 or more boats start then the winner scores the max 5 points
    • If 4 boats start then the winner scores 4 (3 and the winner scores 3 etc.)
  • The points scored reduces by 1 for each subsequent position counting down until all starters in fleet score at least 1 point for racing
  • The boat with the highest total points at the end of the series wins
  • A tie is broken by
    1. The highest number of races started
    2. If still a tie then countback is applied where each boats results are sequenced highest to lowest and the first result at which one boat has a higher score than the others determines the winner.