Team Guidelines Holding Areas

General Instructions:

  • Pleae make sure access to the residents bungalow is not blocked
  • Please ensure the front of the big articulated trailer is kept clear for collection (Expected 1pm Saturday)
  • There will be a brigade camp breaking up on the saturday so keep boats tidy to allow traffic to pass through the car park
  • Make sure competitors have completed a contact form on the club website before they arrived, if not ask them to do so
  • Allocate slots for transfer to the sea front 8am to 10am or 5pm to 7pm
    • 1 vehicle to leave for the Sea front every 5 minutes
  • Ask competitors to prepare to offload boats in 15 mins slots
  • Street marshals will not allow competitors to enter the town 10am to  5pm unless we have made special arrangements due to whether conditions clearing the town
  • Direct competitors to sea front via the main street (A route video is available on the club website Championship Arrival Info and Process – Looe Sailing Club)

Friday Arrivals:

All arrivals must go to the holding area which will be Looe Academy Friday up to 5pm

Friday daytime arrivals will be moved down after 5pm 1 every 5 Minutes

Later arrivals can either go directly to sea front or go to the Academy for holding overnight

Saturday Arrivals:

All arrivals must go to the Academy / Comp School

Ensure access to school and caretakers bungalow is kept clear at all times

Arrivals will be moved down 8am to 10am and 5pm to 8pm (subject to numbers still to be berthed)